More Choice Means A Better Fit

How mortgage brokers help you get a better deal.

Lately, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of your friends and co-workers talking  about getting their mortgages through a mortgage broker.  What’s led to this rapid rise in the popularity of brokers?  A  lot of things.

More lenders are now offering a wider range of mortgages to choose from.  Consumers have begun to shop around  for their mortgage rather than simply taking what their financial institution offers.  Lenders have started advertising discounted  rates, making it obvious that there’s a good reason to shop around.

But the biggest reason for the increasing reliance on mortgage  brokers is that brokers offer consumers several important advantages:

  • Independent, unbiased advice.  Mortgage brokers provide mortgages from various lenders, so they’re not tied to one lender or  one type of mortgage.
  • More mortgage choices.  Mortgage brokers have direct electronic access to virtually every major lender in Canada, so they can  show you a wide range of rates and features.
  • Best-available rates.  Mortgage brokers study rates daily and always know where to find the most competitive ones.   Plus they know how to negotiate with lenders to ensure you’re getting the best available deal.
  • Specialized knowledge.  As specialists, mortgage brokers have a thorough understanding of all available products, features  and rates.  And they can explain everything to you so you know exactly what you’re getting into.
  • Fast, convenient local service. Mortgage brokers are highly motivated to keep your mortgage moving forward quickly because they  only get paid-by the lender-when your mortgage is complete.
  • Secure, established lenders.  Mortgage brokers deal with the same reputable, established Canadian financial institutions you’re  used to.  Plus, they have access to some innovative broker – only lenders who offer even more attractive rates and features.